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  • Residential

    GIIGOW DÉCOR is known to be among the top and most competitive residential interior design companies in West Africa. We provide residential interior designs as well as residential architecture designs. Our projects include luxury home designs (bathroom, bedroom…

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  • Commercial

    The extremely efficient and creative team at GIIGOW DÉCOR have worked hard to bring us in the list of top commercial interior design companies in West Africa, especially Ghana. We produce commercial interior designs for all kinds of…

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  • Hospitality

    We at GIIGOW DÉCOR have designers of all kinds of senses and styles. We design concepts, spaces, processes, solutions, ideas and brands. We do understand that the design is more than just aesthetics. It is a multifaceted, organic…

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  • Home Exterior Design

    Exterior home design is one of the most important areas which needs an expert to take care of. Villa owners often times overlooked if the designers they hire are experts of both villa exterior and interior designs. The exterior residential design being the most visible area of a house should…
  • Home Interior Design

    Through great planning, our specialised interior designers strive to deliver client requirements in an accurate way. Our team of interior design consultants who are experts in fields of luxury villas design, modern home interior design and home decoration provides detailed and very specific concepts in order to make your dream…
  • Landscape Design

    GIIGOW DÉCOR believes that exterior home design such as landscaping is as important as the interior because it is the first impression your visitors get when they enter your home. Landscape design adds up uniqueness and life to your villa and completes the overall theme of the house. Our professional…
  • Retail Interior Design

    In GIIGOW DÉCOR, we are dedicated to guiding our clients through every stage of their business. GIIGOW DÉCOR’s team of interior designers provide complete designs consultancy for commercial, retail, residential and corporate projects and start from conceptualization of a design style to sourcing and specification of materials for all finishes.…
  • Office Interior Design

    GIIGOW DÉCOR’s team of interior designers provide complete designs consultancy for your office. We at GIIGOW DÉCOR work hard to make your office interior design look remarkable and extraordinary. Our specialities include corporate, contemporary, modern, and luxury office interior designs. In order to choose the best interior design for your…
  • Wall Decor & Painting

    Put art on the walls. We use different modern techniques to give special effects to a room, to express our ideas, thoughts, our imagination and our emotions. Trompe l’oeil murals, faux finishes, wall effects, are done using special technics to give the artistic effect desired, creating illusions and different decorative…
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